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Attendance Sheet of RAC
Attendance of Final Viva-voce
Attendance Sheet for Pre-Submission Seminar
Plagiarism Certificate
Pre-Ph.D. Submission Certificate
RAC report (Synopsis acceptance)
Progress Report
Report of RAC (Regular RAC)
Synopsis title page - Sample
Synopsis- Thesis submision Guideline
TADA Bill English
Forwarding Thesis Pre Submission
Forwarding After final Viva Voce
Forwarding After pre sumission Documents
Thesis title page - Sample
Forwarding Synopsis Submission
Acceptance Of Referee for Assesment Of Ph.D. Thesis
Forwarding After Regular RAC
Evaluation Report of Ph.D. thesis
Ph.D. panel (Sample)
Forwarding After Pre Sumission Documents
"DrillBit" - Anti Plagiarism Certificate Sample