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    The Centre of Extension is established by the CU Act, 2009, Section 6(4) (iii). The real education of a child starts from the mother's womb. Couples who wish to have children should plan before conception. According to Indian scriptures, one can get a bright child by following balanced Ahar,Vihar and Sadachar. The Center of Extension is providing essential services of education and guidance based on Indian scriptures and contemporary research. Childcare-education guidance services to expectant mothers, families and teachers for the holistic development of the child, learning materials and guidance is provided through television, ICT and social media to the families, teachers and institutions regarding all aspects of child development from pre-birth to eighteen years.

    The Center of Extension is also working to provide services for the excellence of early childhood education institutions. The center provides guidance and educates every individual and organization including government and private sector regarding childcare.


Dr. Rupam Upadhyaya

Director, Centre of Extension, Children's University, Gandhinagar