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    The Enrichment Department shall conduct various enrichment programs for the schools, higher education institutions, university staff and the other stakeholders across the state in order to instil the knowledge, skills and heuristic attitude for the constructive and professional development.


Prof. Bhanubhai Dhila

HOD, Department of Enrichment Programme, Children's University, Gandhinagar

Major Functions of the Department

  • To undertake transformative initiatives for the holistic development of teachers, students and stakeholders
  • To carry out advanced practices for the professional development of university teachers
  • To plan and execute various programmes for Students Transformation and Enrichment
  • To organize need based academic, social and cultural programmes for the stakeholders
  • To propose grants for organizing various enrichment programmes for in service and pre service employees
  • To place the details of the enrichment programmes in the academic calendar of the university
  • To prepare various proposals for Need based Training Programmes, Follow up and remediation Tasks and Evaluation and Assessment
  • To carry out Seminar, Workshop, Symposium and other need-based programmes on parenting and holistic development of child.
  • To establish links with various universities, institutions and organizations for planning and organizing various enrichment related activities
  • To provide academic assistant for the sustainable development of the educational institutions