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    Vidyaniketan is a unique department of Children's University which is the base of the university's ideology and also a place where knowledge is worshiped. The University Act deals with the establishment of Vidyaniketan schools at various places in the state, overall management of them and organizing educational programs for the same. The main aim of establishing Vidyaniketan is advancement of the affiliated schools and also improve, develop and reveal the limitless potential of every child as per the Indian culture.

    On the basis of Chapter 2 of the Children's University Act (Section 6 sub-sections 9, 16, 17, 27 and 38) new teaching system will be created on the basis of researches carried out by the Children's University. Also imparting knowledge of spirituality, intelligence, inexhaustible vitality, physical fitness, and various fine arts in the context of Indian culture and Indian history to nurture the holistic development of the child.

    With the implementation of National Education Policy-2020 Vidyaniketan Department is running Vidyavatika in the University campus for the children from 3 to 6 years in the foundational stage. In the near future, a complete Vidyaniketan school will be started with middle stage (Vidyadeep - standard 3 to 5), preparatory stage (Vidyarambh - standard 6 to 8) and secondary stage (Vidyavasant - standard 9 to 12). This Vidyaniketan school will provide a new direction to the schools of the Gujarat state by carrying out multiple experiments and activity-based research towards the overall development of children.

Department of Vidyaniketan


Dr. Kunal Panchal