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    The core function of Children's University is to achieve the holistic development of children. The Children's University Act, 2009 lays down systematic guidelines for accomplishing this goal. Section 6 (12) of the Children's University Act categorically indicates the measurement of various dimensions of child development to direct it properly and justly. The testing and evaluation department is aimed to construct tools to measure various developmental aspects of the child. Developmental aspects of children are latent traits. Children are human beings, which are living organisms so; the development of children is not a static term that cannot be measured directly. To measure such traits tools should be exclusive and extraordinary. Tool construction for the measurement of the developmental aspect of children is such a complicated task. The department will develop such tools. Apart from this Department of testing and evaluation will work on new system of examination, examination stress and examination of co-scholastic aspects.


Dr. Minalba Jadeja

HOD, Department of Testing & Evaluation, Children's University, Gandhinagar