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    According to Section 6, (11) of the Children's University Act, the Department of Shishu Paramarshan, is functioning. Parents of children from birth to three years of age enroll in the Shishu Paramarshan Department under the Extension Center of Children's University to receive guidance regarding the excellence and holistic development of child and as well as child rearing. The child speaks and acts as the family speaks and acts. If the parents and the family have the desire to have excellent children, then the family should first prepare for it. After the birth of the child, parents and families can take full care of the child, get guidance on all aspects of child development, and take appropriate decisions regarding various dilemmas related to childcare. The "Shishu Paramarshan Department" is functioning in Children's University.

    Another objective of Shishu Paramarshan is to assist children and their mothers or family members in coping with various challenges and difficulties they may encounter during children's formative years. These challenges can include family conflicts, peer relationships, emotional issues, behavioral problems, and other developmental concerns. counselors work collaboratively with children, their parents or guardians. Shishu Paramarshan typically involves creating a safe and confidential environment for child and mother both. The role of a counselor is multifaceted. They work closely with parents or guardians, providing guidance on effective parenting strategies and creating a supportive home environment for the child's well-being.

Department of Shishuparamarshan


Shri Diya Rawal

Department of Shishuparamarshan Children's University, Gandhinagar